Imagine a life where you're no longer preoccupied with food & your body ... A life where this freed-up energy is channelled into your passion, peace and purpose, taking your life to a whole new level of thriving....

Naomi Nygaard M.A. Presents ....

FAB - Food and Body - FREEDOM

I Help Women Get Free from Food Obsession & Body Hatred and Thrive in Life

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“With Naomi’s guidance I am now finally free from my lifelong obsession with how much or how little I eat and how my body and other womens’ bodies look.  It’s a massive weight off my mind. I’m finally enjoying my life.”  [Rosa, New Jersey.*]

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Become free from food obsession … feel amazing in your body … then you can shine your light in the world the unique way only you can.

“I came to Naomi to find relief and direction for overcoming my obsession with food and my body-weight.  Straight away, I knew I’d found someone that could help me be free.”

–  Christine,  Boston, U.S.A.


“The FAB Freedom 3 month process connected me with the right people and practices that were the answer to – and the end of – my lifelong obsession with food and my body-weight.”


– Caroline, Holland


“I’m so relieved to finally have some peace and mind after doing the FAB Freedom 3 month program.  I’m so glad I dived in and prioritised the process for the 12 whole weeks.  I feel like a whole new woman. This newfound headspace is having a positive effect on every area of my life, and every relationship.”

– Julia, South Hampton, U.K.

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“Naomi’s program and teachings opened the door to a transformational shift in my relationship with food and my body. She effectively and gently communicates a way to a deeply self-accepting relationship with all of the parts of my mind, including those that have used food consumption as a substitute for the deeper and more authentic care within I had been lacking … I can truly say that I no longer feel the need to hide from myself. This is not just theoretical, this is actual experience. I am not the same. I have changed.” 

Molly Derr, Gloucester, MA

[*Some referee names on this site have been changed to protect anonymity.]

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