6 Month FAB Thriving Program

Have you tasted the sweetness of lifelong Food and Body Freedom through taking the FAB Foundations 3-month online program?  Are you now ready to go deeper still into discovering and experiencing a lasting life beyond food and body weight frustration and obsession? 

The life you are now gently living into is one where you are kind to yourself, one where you love and honour your body with nourishing food and kind, respectful thoughts and actions. 

In this life, your relationship with food and your body no longer holds you back from stepping into your creative potential, or from giving and receiving love within your relationships.

This is the FAB definition of Thriving.  Are you ready to step into the beauty and majesty of this life beyond freedom?

This is the time to build on your FAB Foundations, either through consolodating & deepening foundations, or continuing through to new FAB Freedom Steps.  FAB Thriving ensures that the roots you put down there and the positive changes you experienced in your FAB Freedom journey so far can now continue to sustain and expand.

Food-and-Body-Freedom Companion-guide, therapist, coach, speaker, and inspirational program facilitator, Naomi has helped hundreds of women discover freedom from food and body-weight obsession and step with confidence into a life of peace and thriving.

Naomi promotes a new paradigm: radical self-love as an end to food and bodyweight stuckness and shame forever.  She knows that when women are free from food and body burdens, we can access our creativity, joy and gifts to create a better world.  

Her mission is to empower and equip women in groups and individuals to align with their own visions of food freedom and inner-harmony and help them cross that line to live those dreams.

  • Creator and founder of FAB (Food & Body) Foundations, and FAB (Food & Body) Thriving online programs
  • Founder of the Freedom Steps, where courageous women unite in loving their bodies today
  • Internal Family Systems therapist, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, and UKAHPP registered therapist
  • Owner of Welloa: towards gentle, profound, and lasting freedom from compulsions and addictions of any kind

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This 6-month program provides you with the ongoing guidance, support, community-connection, tools and resources you need to experience food, your body, and your life in an increasingly wonderful way every day.

What the 6 Month Process Involves

  • Live interactive group Therapeutic Coaching every month. In a structured format, you will ask questions, share experiences, and receive support, guidance, and affirmation.  These will steady, maintain, and consolidate your Food and Body Freedom, meeting you just where you are with your food and your body.

  • Powerful Content to support and guide your process of FAB Thriving weekly.  Private and tailored videos, spoken, or written content created in response to just what is arising for you individually, and as a group.

  • An Online Community for FAB Foundations 3-month program Graduates only, including group face-to-face meetings to connect, share experiences, be heard, listen, soften, grow, change, love, and learn within the group.

  • A continuing simple & supportive focus on cultivating a connection with your food parts, your body, and your Self to heal within and help each part of you and your body-temple relax into increasing joy and ease.

  • A place of fun, connection, guidance and support with myself and other graduates of the FAB Freedom Foundations journey.

  • Personal support from me throughout, via email or your chosen app.

  • Replays of all sessions so if you miss the live zoom, you can still give and receive input and stay right in the process.

  • Accountability as program members support one other with intentions, goals, and growth.

  • Weekly instructional videos to compliment and deepen your experience of the FAB Freedom Step or FAB Starpoint you’re on each month, with gentle profound exercises relating to each, for going beyond freedom to thriving.

This is a cost-effective, gentle, fun, and transformative way to continue deepening your journey of freedom going forward.  

“I’ve been working with Naomi both individually and in a group for just over 9 months.  Over this time, my lifelong prison of overeating and dieting madness and hatred of my body-fat has finally softened and melted away. 

My heart has opened to myself, and I’ve been able to give myself the love and acceptance I needed all along. 

I now feel full on a whole new level, because that empty hole inside me (that no amount of treat-food could ever fill) has finally filled up with warmth. I feel full of life and love again.”  – Anonymous, Seattle, USA.

Dates of Live Sessions 2020

You will be in a small group of other FAB Foundation Graduates all committed to a 6-month deepening of their journey of freedom.

We will meet on Saturdays at 3pm – 4.30pm UK time (10am – 11.30am EST) on the following dates in 2020:

Sat Mar 14th
Sat Apr 25th
Sat May 30th
Sat June 27th
Sat Jul 11th
Sat Aug 15th

Enroll Now

For a Limited Period Only GBP £499

For a Limited Period Only USD $699

Or three installments of £199

Or three installments of $299