Spring 2020 Food and Body Freedom 14 Day Online Bootcamp

Imagine a life where you were no longer preoccupied with food and your body weight ... A life in which this freed-up energy is channelled into your peace, passion and purpose, taking your life to a whole new level of thriving....

Are you tired of feeling unhappy with the way your body looks, and your weight?

Are you stuggling with your self-esteem after many failed attempts to change your eating habits?

Are you through with allowing preoccupations with food and your body image to take up so much of your energy and headspace, and ready to live a life of creativity, freedom and joy?

  • If you've answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, this bootcamp is will be a good fit for you. It will support you to create the conditions to:
  • Identify your intentions for your highest good related to food and body, and take steps in this wholesome direction in an effortless, natural way
  • Take back control of your health through transformational shifts in mindset
  • Have fun within a group of women on a similar journey of freedom
  • Rediscover your own Self-leadership in relation to food and your body
  • This bootcamp goes with the flow of your experience, helping you identify your own unique path of least resistance to food and body-image freedom.

The Food and Body Freedom Bootcamp shows you how to create the foundations for Freedom that lasts ...


Further 2020 Bootcamp scheduled soon.

2020 Bootcamp Dates:

Live Group Sessions are 60 mins: 4pm – 5pm UK time (11am – 12pm EST)

March 31st – April 12th: NOW FULL. 
Further 2020 Bootcamp scheduled soon…

Live sessions:

Tues March 31st &
Thurs April 9th

Can't Make It This Time Round?

Send me a quick email letting me know your constraints, and I’ll suggest some options.
I can also keep you in the loop for the next time I host a live round of the
Food & Body Freedom Bootcamp.

What the Bootcamp Involves:

  • 2 x 60 minute Live Interactive Group Therapeutic Coaching. In a structured, facilitated format, you will ask questions, share experiences, and receive support and guidance.
  • Powerful Video Content - yours to keep - to support and guide your process of FAB Freedom daily.
  • 1 x 30 min Private Consultation with me, to be taken at the end of the bootcamp for clarifying your own unique simple integration & maintenance steps.
  • Personal support from me throughout, via email or your chosen app.

Your Guide Companion:


Naomi Nygaard the is Founder and Creator of FAB (Food and Body) Freedom, an Internal Family Systems and Dance Movement psychotherapist, and a coach and healer with over ten years experience helping people individually and in groups to identify and release their inner blocks to achieving freedom from compulsive food cycles, and discover the body and life they love.

What to Expect:

  • Together, in a shared, supportive and confidential space you will:
  • Identify and soften what's been holding you back from achieving a healthy body and happy mind
  • Gain new insights that will allow you to befriend all parts of yourself and create the foundations for lasting change
  • Discover a new self-confidence from a grounding, healing rhythm around food and eating that your body loves
  • Make some simple, practical and lasting changes easily, right away

The Food and Body Freedom Bootcamp shows you how to create the foundations for complete and lasting Freedom from food obsession and body hatred, so that you can finally and totally thrive in work, life, & love...

What women are saying about the FAB Freedom Bootcamp:

“The past 14 days has given me the opportunity to let land, in my mind, that I can have a different relationship with food. It can be different.  Naomi’s teaching method is very gentle. At no point did I feel pressure, except when I fell behind a bit on the listening, but that pressure was in my own mind.  The boot camp has definitely sown some seeds & for that I am very much grateful. Many thanks, Naomi.” Anon

“My whole experience of food and my body has changed with Naomi’s guidance and the support of the rest of the group. I love my body and food more than I ever have in my life.  Thank you!”

– Gill Peterson, Bristol, UK. 

“The daily videos kept me on track and a twice weekly online meeting to share experiences was exceptional.  It has been both delightful and enlightening.  I feel changed by it.  Naomi is gifted in the way she is able to listen and is then able to feed back your experience to you with suggestions for you which allow more acceptance of yourself.  She is generous, gentle, kind and knowledgeable.   The 14 day bootcamp has been a profound experience for me for which I am grateful.”

Grace Bird, Adelaide, South Australia.