Naomi’s teachings have opened the door to a transformational shift in my relationship with my body. She effectively and gently communicates a way to a deeply self-accepting relationship with all of the parts of my mind, including those that have used food consumption as a substitute for the deeper and more authentic care within I had been lacking. As my body image shame slips away, my increased awareness of feelings and sensations in my body now provides me with invaluable intuitive guidance as I continue my healing journey through all the previously distressed parts of my mind and being. I can truly say that I no longer feel the need to hide from myself. This is not just theoretical. This is actual experience. I am not the same. I have changed.
Molly, Gloucester
Working with Naomi has, in a very short time, shattered a life time of numbness around my food and body issues. In a few months, I have come further along than I have in a lifetime of recovery and therapy from the pain and confusion of food addiction. I am extremely grateful.
The session with Naomi was deep and profound. It enable me to connect with and access new inner parts in a kind and respectful way. Naomi held a strong and wise presence throughout the session. I felt more whole afterwards, as well as experiencing detox symptoms for a day; it really helped to clear a layer of trauma from my system. I look forward to doing more work with Naomi and IFS. I can recommend this work deeply to anyone who wants to find more balance, happiness, health and wholeness. As a practitioner of, and client of, various modalities myself, I really appreciate what IFS brings to the therapeutic process. Naomi is a practitioner with depth and wisdom, someone who truly walks the talk. I can’t recommend her therapy and coaching programs highly enough.
I found my session with Naomi very insightful; she was able to help me see that I had been battling against myself and getting stuck with a certain problem. I was able to connect with those parts of myself and gain confidence in making a decision to move forward. Naomi also made me feel instantly comfortable; she has a calm and caring presence.
Naomi is a trusted colleague who I would unhesitatingly recommend to anyone needing the targeted approach that IFS offers. Her clients will find themselves in safe and caring hands.
John Hillman
Registered Body-Centred Psychotherapist (EABP/CABP) Certified Hakomi Practitioner & Teacher
I’ve had a few IFS therapy sessions with Naomi and she is very good at what she does. The sessions helped me feel better about challenges I was facing in my life at the time and I also felt that they went deep to heal old wounds/trauma on a more profound level too. I’ve also taken part in a number of Family Constellations and I found the skill and ease with which Naomi supported her clients in these sessions incredibly inspiring and insightful. I highly recommend Naomi as a therapist.
Sofia, Sheffield UK