Your Freedom Steps Monthly Online Program

Each group is capped at 8 for maximum connection and attention.

This program guides you through an Internal Family Systems 12 Step process. 

It offers complete and lasting recovery from any compulsive or addictive cycle you may be experiencing. 

This process of inner-transformation will allow you to finally welcome ALL parts of yourself.

“[Naomi Nygaard’s Freedom Steps] is a version of the Twelve Steps that I fully endorse.”
– Dr. Richard Schwartz, creator of the Internal Family Systems model.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in a compulsive behaviour that you know diminishes the quality of your life and relationships?

Is there something you feel stuck in a habit of doing that you know is preventing you growing into your full and glorious potential in this life?  [No matter how big or small you perceive this to be … some examples are perfectionism, procrastination, netflix or youtube, drinking, porn-use, chocolate-cake, internet-use, using drugs, using your phone… thinking!]

Are you struggling to trust yourself after many failed attempts to completely break free from your compulsive pattern?

Are you ready to regain joy, clarity, energy, headspace, and a healthy sense of forward momentum and growth in your life?  

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, this monthly therapeutic coaching program will be a good fit for you. It will support you to create the conditions to….

  • Befriend and trust yourself again
  • Heal your relationship with yourself and those around you
  • Learn to relax and have fun again, as the foundation for regaining the direction that will align you with your greatest passion, contribution, and growth
  • Go with the flow of what is happening for you and create positive changes using your path of least resistance

This Online Monthly Program Includes:

Monthly 90 minute sessions in a small, confidential group.

All the learning resources, materials, and support to guide through this transformative 3 months at your own pace.

Personal support from me throughout, via email or your chosen app.

Replays of all sessions so if you miss the live zoom, you can still give and receive input and stay right in the process.

Accountability as program members support one other with intentions, goals, and growth.

Powerful in-depth Video Content to gently and simply support and guide your process of Food and Body-Image Freedom weekly.

An Online Community including group face-to-face meetings to connect, share experiences, be heard, listen, grow, change, and learn within the group.

Session Dates and Times:

All calls are on a Saturdy at 10am-11.30am Eastern Standard Time

Sat Oct 19th, Nov 9th, Sat Dec 7th

2020 Program:

Registration Opens in March 2020. If you’d like to be informed about the 2020 program, please get in touch using the contact button below.

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Normally $439, for a limited period, only $239.

To maintain group intimacy, this program is capped at six.

This 3 month program is not an attempt to change any part of you.  The healing occurs through simply allowing you to better know the parts of you that are driving the cycles of compulsion, self-criticism and shame.  The healing and positive change happens effortlessly from that place of gentle awareness, at the natural pace of every part of you.

Naomi Nygaard is an Internal Family Systems and Somatic psychotherapist, coach and healer with over ten years experience helping people individually and in groups to identify and release their inner blocks to achieving freedom from compulsive cycles, and discover the life they love the most.

Book Your Place Now

Normally $439, for a limited period, only $239.

To maintain group intimacy, there are 6 spaces available on this program.

The Process

  • The program aligns the transformational vehicle of Internal Family Systems with a gentle Twelve Step focus, allowing for healing on all levels: personal, relational, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and collective.
  • Together, in a shared, supportive and confidential space you will:
  • Rediscover self-love, self-confidence, and self-worth through allowing yourself to be accepted by others and yourself.
  • Discover in time that every part of you wants to serve you and is on your side: an ally
  • Identify and soften what's been holding you back from achieving happiness and vibrancy in your life.
  • Gain new insights that will allow you to befriend all parts of yourself and create the foundations for lasting change
  • Discover a new self-confidence from the grounding, healing rhythm of the program
  • Use the group strength and guidance to create safety, accountability, and support as you make positive shifts in your body and mind

What Past Program Participants Are Saying

“The time I invested in this process was extremely valuable and well worth it for me. I have been in recovery for many years, and yet I found that there were still some really sharp edges inside me, that kept my life feeling hard, and made me feel cut off from myself and others. These sharp edges softened during this experience, and I’m profoundly grateful for this.”
Dr. Ryan Glasser, West Chester
"I just completed Naomi’s online program and I want to say a huge “Thank you.” The sharing was deep and personal and all delivered in an incredibly safe environment under Naomi’s adept skill as a facilitator … Naomi’s soft and effective style of presenting was exactly what I was looking for. I feel I am now more of a deliberate creator with how I choose to treat my beautiful self and I thank Naomi and the exceptional group who all came powerfully together."
Seattle, U.S.A.
"There were so many things I appreciated about the program. The coaching was gorgeous. The group was really good and it was great to hear people doing the work and really participating. The journaling and the suggestions [between sessions] were absolutely fantastic."
Joanne Butcher
"I loved the open hearted way the group evolved and shared their experiences. And to hear Naomi's own stories told with honesty and frankness and a depth knowledge. I now know that what I saw as personal weakness and a lack of self discipline, with self care practices and self kindness, I now have the ability and emotional strength to find the tranformation I've longed for for so many decades. Thank you life!"

Book Your Place Now

Normally $439, for a limited period, only $239.

To maintain group intimacy, attention, and connection, there are only 6 spaces available on this program.